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Your Love Saves
Your Love Saves

Verse 1

Can't fight back the tears
That fall from my eyes
From this broken world 
That's blindly singing
A hate-filled lullaby 
While my heart is breaking
For this world to be changed
Their fighting a war
That's already won 
That's making them slaves to hate


Lord, they don't know 
That they're shackled in chains
They're lost and confused
Lord, they need to be saved


Lord, Help me please 
They need to be reached
To show them this hate
Is making them slaves
It's my hearts desire 
To walk with You through the fire and flames
To show this broken world 
That Your Love saves

Verse 2

It's hard not to weep 
When I look through Your eyes
This world is dying 
Without Your Love
Yet no one even cares why
Lord, Only Your Love 
Could set this world free
But they have a choice 
To turn to You Lord 
Or remain in slavery




Your Love saves
Your Love saves
Your Love saves
Lord, only Your Love
Only Your Love saves
enjoyed this lyric!
trivial - Their fighting a war - should be They're .

Chorus could bear repeating your hook.
the strongest position for the hook is first and last line...

Oh, Your love saves!
This world can be reached --

I am a bit confused about your rhyme pattern in the chorus.  I expect the chorus to be as long as the verses and repeat the same rhyme pattern. perhaps hearing it would make a difference.
I think this is great-----keep it up--

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