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What do we know anyway?
Just wanted to let everyone know..........

One of the top CCLI songs and nominee for a DOVE award
has YODA talk
does not have the usual V/C/V/B/C format
has only ONE verse which is repeated
Repeats itself numerous times
Rhymes itself with the same exact word

I was taught here that lyrics are like real estate and you should not repeat yourself
That Yoda talk is a NO NO

This is a GREAT and POWERFUL song
I love it
Our praise team does it and the church loves it

had it been posted here, would we have shot it down?

Maybe we really don't know.......... anything

so just keep writing and take everything here with a grain of salt

ang Smile
I've been saying that same thing for years! there are things we can talk about as guidelines such as "yoda speak" and dozens of other "no-no's" but bottom line is sometimes those things are OK and sometimes they're not and you can't always tell!

remember Jeremy Camp's "Walk by Faith"?

Well I will walk by faith
Even when I cannot see
Well because this broken road
Prepares Your will for me

the writer CAN'T be talking about the road preparing (CHANGING) God's will for the writer's life! it has to be "yoda speak" where he's saying that the road is preparing the writer for God's will. otherwise it's completely theologically incorrect! and if that's the way it is, then it's "yoda speak"

and yet millions have been touched by this song!

yes, we should always be aware of things like this which could harm the song, but we also "in His will we will trust, yes?" Smile

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