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Back again ..Again..2
  I'm Bob.. I've been an administrator on this forum when it was CSO. And helped organize 3 CSO Gatherings in the mid 2000's
I live in East Tennessee and I am a retired air traffic controller turned realtor who really wants to make an impact on the world
with my music.  I write both Christian and country songs, though I would say in general, I'm not a big fan of the country music scene,
it just lends itself more to my positive song writing style.
   My songwriting philosophy dates back to my days in Boy Scouts where we were to leave a campsite better than we found it. I want
to leave the spirit of anyone who hears one of my songs in a better place than when the song started. Whether it speaks eternal truths or
just puts a smile on their face.
  I have some decent demos, some not so good ones, Some songs that are pretty much polished and finished and some songs that only
have one line.. Always willing to put in my 2 cents as well.
Hi Bob! Welcome!

Just to clarify, this was not former CSO. This site has always been CSN. The forum software look changed a couple of years ago because of a database crash, but we're still CSN! CSO went the way of yahoo groups (or was it google groups?) and basically hasn't been heard from since. This forum, CSN was the one which was run by James Moore. The other one, CSO, was run by someone else, and I can't remember who that was.

Unfortunately, James' health has been an issue for several years and I took over the forum from him. I haven't heard from him in a long time, even with trying to reach out to him. His health may be bad enough that he's in heaven with his Savoir now!

I remember the CSO Gatherings, but I never made it to one of them. I grew up in East Tennessee (Harriman) and your Gatherings were in Townsend, TN, IIRC, so I always wanted to combine a trip to see family with a Gathering, but never got a chance to do it.

glad you're here and join us often! bring some songs to share! share your comments on others' songs! we'd love to have you participate in the community!

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