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only God
I hate explanations - this is mostly for dear super moderator Ang - I lost my job again after nearly 8 years early June. I am looking, praising God for deliverance and the future, and rewriting my "lessons I've learned since I admitted the fact I am older than you." (sending them off by email only - if you are interested in getting on the email list I am interested in sending them to you. end of plug)

so, other than God telling me to stop asking, "why" and praise Him for deliverance, this is what He has been saying to me.

all that being said, critiques are still welcome

My Only God
© Deb Rempel July 2017
Verse One
Remove all earthly light
And fill my vision.
Remove my pride of life.
Be my life’s mission.
Remove my strength, oh Lord,
What I alone can do.
I come and humbly pour
All of myself in You.
You are my leaning post,
My holy prop.
The One I need the most,
My only God.
You are my purpose, Lord,
My life, my job.
I fall, I fall before
My only God.
Verse Two
Remove what turns my head
Until I thirst for You.
Remove what takes my breath
If it’s not from Your truth.
Remove my passions, Lord.
What I’ve always dreamt of
Till all I want is more
Of Your transforming love. 
If all I’m going through
Draws me closer to You,
Then pull out all the stops.
Oh, be my only God.
Hi Dodes
Good to see you here
I like this
one minor crit is the word "prop" in your chorus

just wondered if you might swap that out with something else

keep or sweep

re the job-
I KNOW God has something just perfect for you
keep me posted

ang Smile
Hi Deb!!! I'm so sorry that you've been through a rough time, but God is sovereign and providential and He is in control! God bless you in your time and may God provide your needs!

This is a great song, Dodie! I agree with ang, the only thing I would suggest changing would be the word "prop" - I think finding a better way to say that would make this song it's best!
How about "You hold me up"?
Hey Deb, just a thought for the chorus

You are my leaning post
Wrap me with your vines
The one I need the most
Holy God of mine
Deb, just popped in for a quick view and found this. No comments for now but want to wish you the best. Shooting up some 'arrows' for you.

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Hi Dodee (Deb)

The Lord is still refining you I see.  Well for now, it is great having you back.  I learn so much from your critiques.

This song "My Only God" appears to have been based upon real life experience and appears to be coming from the heart.

Do you notice God makes us "live" our songs before we can actually write them?

Verses are consistent with the hook...."My Only God" tells me that this would contrast with someone having other gods...idols...job, resume, wealth, education, social status, etc.  It addresses the lust of the eyes, flesh, and pride of life so I think verses are tight.....although there may be a few spots in verses to match up meter / stressed /unstressed syllables.

Nice song idea and welcome back!  Neil

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