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CSN Song WRiting Challenge #1--don't describe, evoke!
You Weekly challenge: 
Y1 w1
Chose a or b:

Idea a).  Think about an experience you have had that was poignant and memorable--something terrifying, electrifying, exhilarating... Use it as a metaphor to evoke such feelings in Your hearers. Help them experience it first hand.  What does it feel like, taste like, smell like, sound like.  Then use those feelings to evoke godly change.   

Idea 2). Take a song you have written already where you stated things and described things.  
Now write the same song same ideas only creating those senses helping the listener experience these things instead of as an onlooker, as a participant in the moment.  Do this for all verses then compare the two songs.  Which one is most effective.  

Don't forget to drop by with a link to your song in response to this post.  Label the subject with the Yr Wk and title if your song.  And share with us how it went!  
This is posted a bit late, so this challenge will run to the end of next week.

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