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Songwriting "no-no's"
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(02-03-2016, 04:30 PM)Beagle Wrote: some advice to take into consideration when writing songs!

The advice on the website I guess is good if you're really trying to write for Disney.  However, one still needs to remember that their is a whole "Earth" out there.  And people in other parts of the world also like songs, and buy them. Perhaps the real point of the article is to know your niche and who your actual target audience is?

At age 59 going on to 60, I really think I would sound stupid writing lyrics to 20 year olds, no different then when my parents would talk to me.  In their generation of Jazz, being Gay meant being happy and free spirited.  Somehow I don't think I'd hit the right audience if I were to write a song about how happy and free I am and say I'm a Gay Blade.  Hmm? No disrespect to anyone here just an observation.

Point is to take your "writing" seriously.  If I write a goofy song I will choose goofy lyrics.  If I'm writing something that I want to have a significant message (see I said significant oops showing my age?) I want the tone of music and words to be reflective.  If someone has to go to the dictionary...well I'll leave that subject alone for now. 


Marty & Linda.

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