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The best thing I ever did for my music was to get a local producer. I've tried online collaborations, but they are so slow-going that sometimes it is depressing. I do count gd as one of my producers because of the compilation CD he did for us. BTW, gd, I just added you to my profile Smile I just put your name & Texas, so if you want me to add more, let me know Smile
I don't even have time to worry about people stealing my music. At least then it would be out there! Smile Just doing a little bit each day is what keeps me going. The best thing my collaboration website has done for me is having all my music right there in one place. I can send people my link, & they don't even have to look at the other junk that might be on there. If I give up on any open project, I delete it & put it into a Media Library, where anyone can pick it up & say, "Hey, let's work on this together!" It also works well for an EPK, or electronic press kit.

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