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"JOY!" - Original Song
Vocally, I'm pretty sure that what you're hearing is the reverb I'm using. On the songs "JOY!" and "Praise," I'm going for BIG, because those songs are about making that "joyful noise unto the Lord." On some songs, I'll apply just enough reverb for a little presence; on others, I'll apply more. I get that it won't be everyone's cup of tea, and it might sound strange if you're used to listening to typical contemporary Christian music.

As far as the synth sounds go, again I'm very grateful for the advice, although now I'm not so sure exactly which synth tones are in question! Either way, I adjusted the bass synth and I'm very happy with the results. I actually want my mixes to be somewhat atypical; not to be some kind of rebel, but (1) to get the sound that's in my head, and (2) to not sound like so many commercial releases that sound too much alike to my ears. Also, a lot of amateur recordings I've heard on various websites seem to be trying to emulate the commercial releases. They don't sound bad by any means; they're just not my sound. A very rough analogy would be that anyone used to lush Beatles/Beach Boys recordings might bristle a bit when listening to some raw James Brown.

But keep the critiques coming! While I do feel it necessary to stand by my overall sound, there's always the chance, as with the bass on "Praise," that there's something I can adjust to improve the mix.

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