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He's At His Best - ronnief63 - 10-09-2017

I wrote this song last week in remembrance of the shooting in Las Vegas, after hearing a quote from Garth Brooks where he said, "When we are at our lowest point, when we are at our worst, always remember, God is at his best"!!

He's At His Best

When I think about what's going on, I ask myself why,
bad events that unfold, it makes me want to cry.
This ol world's so full of strife, I just don't understand,
sometimes it's so hard to digest,
when we are at our worst, he's at his best.


He's got your back, when your back's against the wall,
He will lift you up, when you're about to fall.
Though you cannot see him, he'll help you stand the test,
when we are at our worst, he's at his best.

It tells in his word, that he is coming soon,
we don't know the hour, could be morning, night or noon.
Some day you'll see, we will kneel at his throne,
we have to hold the faith, it's his request,
when we are at our worst, he's at his best.

Repeat chorus twice:

RE: He's At His Best - swesternmusic - 10-10-2017

Excellent job on a very difficult subject. Your voice carried the emotion very well.

I believe God would not allow evil unless He had a greater good to come out of it. The evil of Jesus being crucified and His subsequent glorification and our redemption is evidence for that. In some small way I think this is part of the good coming out of the horrific Las Vegas evil.
Peace and blessings,
"And behold, I am with you always, to the close of the ages" Mt 28:20