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"JOY!" - Original Song - PraisingHim - 09-11-2017

First time posting my music here! Here's a song titled "JOY!" that I wrote and produced. I guess you'd call it R&B Gospel, or maybe urban gospel; I get confused by so many sub-genres! 

It's my own home studio recording with a vintage synth, a few synth modules, drum machines and a sampler. Recording is done on a 16-track hardware digital recorder. When necessary, post-production (which consists of extra EQ fine tuning and overall volume adjustment) is done on computer.

I have a very direct style of producing. I've found that it helps my sound cut through, as opposed to using a lot of panning, reverb, etc. The more lush, spacious kind of sound doesn't really fit my music.

I'm very open to suggestions, e.g., do you think my music could use a more spacious sound, do any parts need to be pulled back or brought more upfront, or...whatever!

Thanks for listening!


The gift of joy is precious
Because it comes from Jesus
Joy is everlasting
Because it comes from the true King
Joy is greater than the moment
That's because it's heaven-sent
Trust in God and believe it
And you're sure to receive it

Come let us share our joy
With every girl and boy
Come let us spread the love
From the Lord above
Come let us kneel and pray
Be grateful every day
And thank the Lord above
For giving us His love

Joy is with us always
Even through the dark days
Earthly pleasures don't last
Heaven's joy is steadfast
Take His joy into your heart
Give your life a new start
It will leave you never
The wealth of joy is forever

(Repeat chorus twice)

JOY! (repeat 8 times)

RE: "JOY!" - Original Song - pshell - 09-11-2017

This song should have people in the pews standing up and clapping! The energy's great. I'd love to hear this with backup singers, maybe even some horns.

RE: "JOY!" - Original Song - PraisingHim - 09-12-2017

Thanks, pshell!

There are many of my recordings that I'd love to hear with a full choir and band. Maybe someday I can work out the logistics.