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Hello all - pshell - 09-10-2017

Hi, everyon,
I'm Paul Shell. I just signed up on the site. I'm a songwriter from Oklahoma, USA. I hope to get some songs posted soon, but my stuff is on Soundcloud and I'm stuck using my phone for right now. I've discovered there a lot of things on Soundcloud you can only do from a PC.
The stuff I write tends to be outlaw gospel - songs about bikers, illegal truckers, loose women. Basically, not suitable for church services. I'm not sensitive about being critiqued. I'll try to send a song for people to tear apart as soon as I get access to a computer.
Happy writing everyone!

RE: Hello all - Beagle - 09-10-2017

Hi Paul! welcome to CSN! so glad to have you here!

you can certainly post songs on soundcloud on this site, tho, I do it all the time. admittedly it's more difficult from a phone, but it can be done. just copy and past the soundcloud url into the thread here and it will form a link we can click on.

glad you found us! make sure and come back often!

RE: Hello all - pshell - 09-12-2017

I figured out that if I shared a song to my own email it would send the whole url for a song. That's what the site said I couldn't get to from my phone.
Anyway, I tried posting lyrics & the Soundcloud link, and I think it worked.