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  As the Beat Goes On - metal song
Posted by: tpistilli - 01-23-2016, 07:51 PM - Forum: Lyric Critiques - Replies (11)

Still needs a bridge...suggestions?

Heart monitor beeps at 106 bpm (current statistic of rate of people dying) while a voice states:
“Every minute 106 people die on planet earth. Most of which will go into eternity without Jesus Christ. Every beat in this song represents one of those precious lives.”
…beeps exchanged with bass and kick drum keeping the 106 bpm (heavy guitar riff takes over)
Verse 1:
Every minute there’s a hundred and six
People dying again and again
No one thinking as they get out of bed
Maybe this is the day it all ends
Verse 2:
Life is moving like a summertime breeze
In an instant it comes and it goes
But you’re living like God doesn’t see
Don’t you care that you’re damning your soul
Every beat another one’s gone
The very next breath
Could be your last one
Can’t you see you’re under the gun
Eternity gets closer
As the beat goes on
Verse 3:
Think of Jesus as He hung on that tree
Shed His blood so that you could be saved
It’s all wasted if you sell Him out cheap
Just receive Him before it’s too late

Verse 4: 
There are many with one foot in the grave
You can tell when look in their eyes
God is tugging on their soul to be saved
Gotta warn ‘em we haven’t much time

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  Beauitful life
Posted by: savedbygrace99 - 01-23-2016, 12:13 AM - Forum: Lyric Critiques - Replies (5)

I've wanted to write another song about adoption... this is what came out. Thoughts?

Verse 1:

She's only sixteen but she's grown up so fast/
Thought she had it together but it didn't last/
Should thought it'd be fine, it was just one time/ 
After all what could happen in just one night/

Verse 2:
But now she's staring at an ultrasound/
Wondering what she should do now/
The doctor says she has a choice to make/
It's easy enough to make it all go away/
But she just doesn't think that would be right/
She knows deep down that she's carrying a life/

Chorus 1:

So she kneels down and starts to pray/
"God I feel so scared and alone today/
Please help me know what choice to make/
I love this child with my whole heart/
But I know whatever happens will be hard/
I want to give my baby a beautiful life/
But raising this child myself isn't right/

Verse 3:
Staring at a picture of a hopeful mom and dad/ 
Maybe they could be the family God has planned/
She's realized she can't raise her baby on her own/
She's wants her child to grow up in a loving home/ 
With a mommy, a daddy, maybe even a dog too/
That picture she's holding could be a dream come true/
But it still hurts to think of what she's giving away/

Chorus 2:
So she kneels down and starts to pray/
God I feel so scared and alone today/
But i know this is the right choice to make/
Oh I love this child with my whole heart/
But going through with this will be so hard/
I want to give my baby a beautiful life/
So I know this choice i'm making is right/

Verse 4:
She's looking at her sweet baby girl/
She loves her so much but it still hurts/
She knows the choice she made is the best/
But she just doesn't want to let go quite yet/
Now her baby's parents are waiting there to take her home/ 
Carefully she places the baby in their arms & turns to go/
It took all of her strength just to turn and walk away/
And when she went home she kneeled and prayed/

God I feel sad and alone tonight/
But I know the right choice was made/
I love that child with my whole heart/
And even though giving her up was hard/
You helped me give her a beautiful life/
And I know the choice I made was right/

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Posted by: savedbygrace99 - 01-22-2016, 11:27 PM - Forum: Hello My Name is... - Replies (6)

It's savedbygrace Smile I am glad the site is back up and running.. sad my songs are gone though as I didn't write them down anywhere else :p Oh well- time for some new ones I guess!
God Bless y'all!

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  Some suggestions to get you started
Posted by: linmarmusic - 01-22-2016, 01:28 PM - Forum: Recording Help and Tips - Replies (9)

Hi Folks,

I figure some of you "songwriters" would like to wade into the matter of mixing your songs.  and some of you have already started doing this.  So I'm going to list some helpful things to get started with that are either very inexpensive or free and helpful for the new person's home studio.


There are three that stand out:

  • Reaper:  is a very difficult learning curve, but literally can do just about anything that Pro Tools does.  They offer a 60 free trial that can be extended forever if you wish by just clicking the little note thing that comes up saying I'm still evaluating.  However, if you decide you really like working with it the cost is $60.00.  If you want to see this software in action and are new to recording I highly recommend Dave Maxey's Website called Home Recording Studio 1.  Very good video tutorials and he uses this DAW and hawks it constantly.  If you are a "Gear Head" type of personality this software will amaze you.
  • Audacity:  Why?  It's totally free.  Basic set up easy learning curve and will work with any and all downloaded Plugins.  Sound quality?  Depends on the quality of your plugins and of course your playing abilities.
  • Mixcraft 7:  For the most part this is the easiest learning curve and by far the easiest DAW to work with.  Comes with a ton of very good loops, samples and so on.  Does nearly everything that Reaper does.  Works well with third party plugins.  Excellent tech and customer support.  They also have what's called Mixcraft University which walks you through all the basic and advanced features.  This one is my go to DAW.  It's a memory hound though so be thoughtful when mixing and follow the advice on the University tutorials re using too many plugins in the wrong places.
  • Audio Interface:  I use focusrite scarlett 2i2.  Like a lot of us, I play guitar, have a basic keyboard controller and decent (not expensive) condenser mics.  So I don't need a lot of inputs for my work.  Since I do a lot of over dubbing two inputs (both line in and XLR with phantom power for condenser mics) Two inputs is all I need. The hardware has it's own headphone input jack (use it) and comes with the Asio Drivers installed (use it!!)  What makes this interface exceptional to me is A.) the quality of sound.  There built in pre's are superb sound quality.  B.) when you register your hardware with the company, you are automatically given several bundles of high quality "Pro Studio Level" Plugins called The "Red" Series" and "Scarlett Suite" respectively.  Also  a free library of Loopmasters Loops, and access to yet another DAW (forgot the name at the moment hurrying to get to work)  So for the price you are getting nearly a complete production system.  There are other interfaces out there and all good, but Focurite's cust service is a five star so I recommend them over the others.  total time setting up and starting recording...five minutes.  Wow!
  • Mic's:  I use the CAD GXL 2200.  Very inexpensive and works great.  NO ISSUES.  Two of the three submissions to the Whetstone Project were using this mic.  So you can hear the results right now.  There are bargain offers galore on EBay for this mic, however, I found a better deal at my local music gear store, which sold me in one package the GXL 2200 Condenser, GXL 1200 Ribbon Condenser, Shock Mount, and pop filter all for $200.00 complete.  Well worth every penny.
  • Monitors:  Save your money as you simply need Powered "Reference" Studio Monitors.  No way around it.  Their are less expensive monitors out there (I'm using the Berhinger (spl) MS16's for the moment till I can save up about $600.00 and upgrade.)  So I also use headphones for detail work.  Mix down my mixes to wave and play back on CD players and so on for reference checking.  But like it or not good monitors are an essential (and often expensive) necessity.  I've had studio equipment before so know the difference in sound quality.  Miss my Roland DS-90's much.  But they cost me $900.00 for the pair.  So buyer beware and do your homework before just buying something on EBay or Craigslist that says "Studio Monitors.  If they are not "Referencing Monitors" by name you may be buying something that isn't going to give you true sound back.  Referencing monitors are not like your home music speakers.  They are opposite.  They are BY DESIGN to help you hear what is WRONG not what sounds cool. (Ego buster)  So that you can fix or adjust whatever is popping out of your mix and fix the balance.
  • Video Tutorials for your Learning Curve:  there are three go to's that I rely on (actually four but one's pretty advanced.)  They are:
  1. "" hosted by Graham Cocrane. (he is also a devoted Christian Worship musician and works extensively with his Church Worship Band.)
  2. hosted by Dave Maxey. (also Christian based Engineer and mixer)  He is hawking his "Paid For" Training Courses so be advised.  Very good, but if you're on a budget, you can still make use of his excellent mailng list posts.
  3. Produce Like A Pro, hosted by Warren Huart.  A delightful guy, very open and does respond directly to comments and questions.  He uses Pro Tools, but his tutorials and videos are always about what any DAW or Plugin is capable of doing.  
  4. MixbusTV.  this is the one that's a bit advanced.  But the host if very funny, doesn't pull any punches, knows his craft VERY WELL and is a good teacher and explainer of what all the stuff does.

I promise you if you take the above suggestions and follow through...a year from now you'll be publishing your own original music.  That does not mean you'll be making money at it but you will be published and active.  Making money off this is all about Marketing, and that is another subject for much smarter experts than I apparently am at present.


Marty and Linda from Linmar.

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  Whetstone Song Pool - You Have Called Me
Posted by: Graham Podesta - 01-22-2016, 12:52 PM - Forum: Whetstone Project - Replies (9)

Here is a song for consideration for the Whetstone Project.  It's called 'You Have Called Me'

You have called me,called me to your throne.
You have called me, called me to your own.
And I come and humbly bow the knee.
For, my Jesus, you are all I need.

My Lord, and my God.

And I really want to thank you Lord.
I really want to thank you for your blood, shed on the cross for me.
Yes I really want  to thank you Lord.
I really want to thank you for your love.
I once was blind, now I see.
Jesus you rescued me.


And I love to call your name
And I love to sing your praise.
You chose me before he very start, 
Lord Jesus,I give you my heart

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  WHETSTONE SONG POOL - Jesus You Are All I Need (A Song of Love)
Posted by: Graham Podesta - 01-22-2016, 12:44 PM - Forum: Whetstone Project - No Replies

Here is a song for consideration for the Whetstone Project.

Jesus you are all I need
For in you my life is hid
Jesus you are all I want to know

I surrender to your love
For my life is wholly yours
Lord I will hold nothing back from you
For you are God 

So I’ll sing a song of love
For in you I stand complete
And I’ll lift up holy hands
And come and adore you my Lord

Yes I’ll sing a song of love 
To the one who loved me first
And I’ll come before your throne
And come and adore you my Lord

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  Whetstone Project - I Declare My Love For You
Posted by: Graham Podesta - 01-22-2016, 12:39 PM - Forum: Whetstone Project - No Replies

So please you managed to get the forum back up and running!

Here is a song for consideration for the Whetstone Project.  It's called 'I Declare My Love For You'.

I declare my love for you
You paid the perfect price - perfect sacrifice
And I declare my love for you
You paid for all my sin, breathed new life within

You are the one I worship, you are the one I bow before
Only you Jesus
For you are the one I cling to 
You are the one that I adore
I worship you alone my Jesus
My Jesus, my Jesus - Risen Lord
My Jesus, my Jesus - only God

I receive your love for me
Crucified for me - died to set me free
And I receive your love for me
You took my guilt and shame, when you died and rose again.

You are the one I worship, you are the one I bow before
Only you Jesus
For you are the one I cling to 
You are the one that I adore
I worship you alone my Jesus
My Jesus, my Jesus - Risen Lord
My Jesus, my Jesus - only God

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  Just Leave Me Alone - any critique appreciated - 3
Posted by: damp hamster - 01-22-2016, 01:01 AM - Forum: Lyric Critiques - Replies (13)

This is a secular lyric written by a Christian hamster. Feel free to slice and dice it at a #3 level!

Just Leave Me Alone


Three months ago, you started a fight
I was all wrong and nothing was right
You didn't feel treasured and special.
Things would improve, we promised they would
One week went by (and) I thought we were good
One week later, I wasn't essential


The hole in my heart starts bleeding again
When I hear your voice on the phone
So, if you are calling to see how I am
Then please - just leave me alone!


Ten weeks ago, you said we were through
The life that we built wasn't working for you
And you took off to find greener pastures
No turning back, you made up your mind
You shook off the dust and you left me behind
At the end of the dream that you fractured
-or- Waking up from the dream that you fractured 



Calling to chat isn't working for me
You rip off the scab, that's not what I need!
These are the words I want you to say:
"I love you and I'm coming home today"



Don't call me until you're ready to say:
"I love you, I'm coming back home today"

©R. Gingrich/Serious Noise Publishing 2016

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  Whatever It Takes (Revised April 5th)
Posted by: novice62 - 01-21-2016, 10:35 PM - Forum: Song Critiques - Replies (12)

All:  Please see far below in this string of comments ...Far below is a revised version of this to try to make verses more consistent with the main idea per comments received. Please provide any comments on improving it.  Thank you, Neil

Whatever it Takes
Copyright 2015

Words: me; Composer: Shannon Bannister
Produced by Gerry Peters: Alleluia Productions

Verse 1

Lord make my feet secure and sure
Your Spirit be my trusted sword
Do what it takes to cleanse me pure
From inside out and teach me Lord
To live Your Word in all I do
No longer me, Lord, only You


Whatever it takes, whatever might be
I can do all that You ask of me
You’re with me by my side
Jesus  my guide
Whatever it takes, whatever might be
I can do all that You ask of me

Verse 2

At Calvary You took my blame
Your priceless trade, Your blood for sin
Your oil and mercy for my shame
Your cross is what it took to win
When I am weary, strengthen me
Let truth revive and set me free



By Your Holy Spirit, Your Power and Your Grace
There’s nothing I should fear
Nothing I may  face   (2x)


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  Hey's Bob.. please only use one "O"
Posted by: Unquenchable - 01-21-2016, 02:50 PM - Forum: Hello My Name is... - Replies (4)

Hey this is Bob Mader.. do I have to reply to 3 introductions before I can post mine??

I am a 51yo retired air traffic controller with 4 kids all about grown.
I grew up in Ohio , but have spent over half my life in the hills of East Tennessee,
with a brief 3 month stop in Oklahoma City
All within the last 2 years I've been on food stamps and had over $100k in my bank account.
All the while, God has provided what I need every day, and I don't take any blessing for granted.

I have been writing songs since the mid 80's but those were mostly secular songs
with the alternative band I was in in Cincinnati.

Been writing worship songs for close to 15 years, and I had a "God" dream back then that I was
going to be a hit country song writer, and in the dream, I was trying to decide if I should
tell the audience in my acceptance speech that I don't really like country music all that much.
But it is fairly easy to write. So I tend to write an occasional one of those, usually with
a faith based message, or at least a positive message.
I feel we don't have to say Jesus in every song to move people to think of things eternal,
but I'm not afraid to speak His name in my music as well.

Currently using a bit of my reitirement account to record some of my songs
and will be glad to share some of them with you once I get some final mixes

I was a part of the forum back "in the day"  where we had 3 years in a row where we had a
"convention" or "retreat" in the Smoky Mountains, if any of you all would be interested in reviving
something like that, it was super fun to meet and colaborate with people in person

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