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  Step Out in Faith (revised)
Posted by: tpistilli - 08-17-2017, 06:21 PM - Forum: Lyric Critiques - Replies (1)

Here's a new one fresh off the press...Let me know what it needs....bridge is iffy to me....


Step out
Step out
Step out in faith
And see what God will do

Verse 1:
Shake off the pride of your human mind
Because flesh will not win this fight
You'll be better off trusting in Jesus
Than falling for the enemy's lies

God can do more with a little stone
In the hands of a faith-filled saint
Than an armor-clad, battle-trained army
Trusting in their power and strength


Verse 2:
Don't be afraid in this sinful age
To march out of your comfort zone
Though impossible in your own power
God won't make you go it alone

People are facing eternal death
In your hands are the keys to life
You're a Holy Ghost, Spirit-filled Christian
Commissioned by God for this time

You will never walk on the water
If you are waiting for a guarantee
You can do anything that God has commaded
If you will only step out, only step out and believe....

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  More to Life
Posted by: ShannonB - 08-16-2017, 02:17 PM - Forum: Lyric Critiques - Replies (4)

More to  Life
Does it ever keep you up at night
Wondering if there’s more to life
You stare at the stars
You still don’t believe
Are your days filled with wonder
When the sun lights up the sky
Is there anything
That can amaze
More to life
You’re drifting
You’re waiting
For a sign
Falling stars
A strange occurrence
Can’t depend on those
For answers
Does it ever keep you up at night
Wondering if there’s more to life
You stare at the stars
You still don’t believe
Is there a Maker?
Does He care for me?
No stars are falling tonight

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  Pitching Songs
Posted by: AprilAudio - 08-16-2017, 01:55 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Hey All, 

I hope everybody is having a great summer! I've had several people contact me who have asked me to help them pitch their songs to labels/artists/bands - unfortunately this isn't something that I can really help you out with as the contacts I have in the industry wouldn't be happy if I was swamping them with peoples music!

One of the things that I can do is to help you create a finished, professional "package" of your songs that you can then take and showcase to labels/bands/artists etc. A few of my latest clients have wanted more than just "music production" for their songs - so I've recently put together a little "package" that helps serious worship/christian songwriters get to a point where they have something in their hands that they can confidently go out and show people in the industry. This includes (but is customisable):

* Listening to your entire library of songs to pick your best songs.
* Songwriting critique (and potential co-writing)
* 3 or 5 of your songs fully produced (including a pro-vocalist)
* Artwork
* BandCamp / Itunes / Spotify Release
* Lyric Videos

The idea is to create a "product" that is professional and is easily shared in various formats - lyric videos on Facebook/Youtube etc plus easy/quick downloads from BandCamp etc.  I've found with my music/songs that if I have several different options available for listening (videos,streams,downloads) and if it is well packaged (named & artwork) then it is generally taken more seriously.
Anyway, if anybody is interested in anything like that then you can contact me here or via the AprilAudio website.

Just out of interest - what has other peoples experience been of trying to pitch songs to labels/artists/radio stations etc? What would you say are the hurdles and what lessons have you learnt? Have you had any successes?


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  Don't Look at the Storm
Posted by: novice62 - 08-15-2017, 07:05 PM - Forum: Lyric Critiques - Replies (1)

Here's an initial draft for your comments and recommendations on improving it......likely a Southern Gospel tune.  Thank you, Neil

Verse 1:

The disciples were straining     
From rowing all night
Fighting despair
Waves and the wind
With all of their might
The Lord walked on water
Three miles from shore
Approaching their boat  
They panicked and screamed
"It must be a ghost!”
Verse 2:

Then the Lord called out saying
“It’s me, do not fear”
Peter replied
"If it is you,
Lord command I come near" 
The Master then said “come”
So Peter got himself up  
He climbed out the boat
And walked on the waves  
But sank soon enough

Don't look at the storm
Keep your eyes on the Lord
Don’t look at the storm
Whatever you’re thinking
You’ll end up sinking
Don’t look at the storm
Don't look at the storm
Keep your eyes on the Lord
Don’t look at the storm
Whatever you’re thinking
You’ll end up sinking
Don’t look at the storm

Bridge (Optional)

When the Master calls us
Into chaos and noise
Whatever befalls us
Responds to His voice

Verse 3:

Are you out of your boat yet?
As  Peter had done
Jesus says “Come”
What about you?
Are you coming undone?
You struggling and straining?
Your doubts got your best? 
There's faith in God’s word
To walk on the waves
His hand does the rest

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  Sweep Me Clean 333333
Posted by: angela - 08-13-2017, 06:21 PM - Forum: Song Critiques - Replies (1)

all comments welcome
thank you

Sweep Me Clean                        
Verse 1
Has there been a grimy place I’ve wandered?
Caught in cobwebs I could not claw out of?
Out of muck and mire God has rescued me
May He sweep me clean and find no more debris
Sweep me clean Holy Spirit sweep me clean
How I need your cleansing breeze
Sweep my heart sweep my home come and purify my soul
Sweep me clean Holy Spirit sweep me clean
Verse 2
I’m so glad He purged my filthy mess
By His strength I’ll ty to do my best
May He find me blameless ready washed and swept
Spirit help me walk the way of righteousness
Sweep my heart sweep my home come and purify my soul
Sweep me clean Holy Spirit sweep me clean
©2017 angela dittmar
Angel Flower Music LLC

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  Just Inspired
Posted by: tee hariet - 08-13-2017, 05:37 PM - Forum: Lyric Critiques - Replies (2)

Latest Inspiration For a New Gospel Song;
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

At the sound of your name
Daemons tremble and flee
We declare you our king
No one like Jehovah
forever you're the same
my God and lord you'll be
you're praises i will sing 
No none like Jehovah 

VS 1;
We will worship and we'll praise
not by us but by your grace
glory honour to your name
Hallelujah lord you reign
none like you in all the earth 
in the heavens and beyond 
we will reverence you in awe
 no one like Jehovah

[ B.T.C ]

no one like jehovah [8x]

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  What do we know anyway?
Posted by: angela - 08-11-2017, 08:24 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Just wanted to let everyone know..........

One of the top CCLI songs and nominee for a DOVE award
has YODA talk
does not have the usual V/C/V/B/C format
has only ONE verse which is repeated
Repeats itself numerous times
Rhymes itself with the same exact word

I was taught here that lyrics are like real estate and you should not repeat yourself
That Yoda talk is a NO NO

This is a GREAT and POWERFUL song
I love it
Our praise team does it and the church loves it

had it been posted here, would we have shot it down?

Maybe we really don't know.......... anything

so just keep writing and take everything here with a grain of salt

ang Smile

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  Samples and Acapella
Posted by: jakemusic - 08-11-2017, 11:36 AM - Forum: Recording Help and Tips - Replies (2)

Hi guys i am started to making music on my PC.
If someone want to collab please write here.
I also want to share 
cool acapella: https://www.lucidsamples.com/acapella-vo...nload.html
cool instrumental: 
which i often use in my projects.

[Image: audio-Studio.jpg]

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  Father Forgive Them
Posted by: SquareElvis - 08-09-2017, 05:46 AM - Forum: Lyric Critiques - Replies (2)

Father Forgive Them

Verse 1

While this broken world is dying 
My heart's desiring 
For the lost to be saved
Through Your eyes I see Your mercy
I see they're deserving 
To be found in Your grace


Every time I close my eyes
I see Your Cross
Lord, I remember what You said 


Father forgive them
For they know not what they do 
Father forgive them
Father forgive them

Father forgive them
For they know not what they do 
Father forgive them
Father forgive them

Verse 2

Everyday I'll give You glory 
By never ignoring 
The least of these
If friend or foe need forgiveness
Your love and Your kindness
Will be all that they see




Lord, I close my eyes 
I see You there
Hanging on a tree
The criminals on Your left and right
One doubted, one believed
The one said when You come into Your kingdom remember me
You answered him
Today you'll be
In Paradise with Me 


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  Back again ..Again..2
Posted by: BobisBack - 08-08-2017, 08:06 AM - Forum: Hello My Name is... - Replies (1)

  I'm Bob.. I've been an administrator on this forum when it was CSO. And helped organize 3 CSO Gatherings in the mid 2000's
I live in East Tennessee and I am a retired air traffic controller turned realtor who really wants to make an impact on the world
with my music.  I write both Christian and country songs, though I would say in general, I'm not a big fan of the country music scene,
it just lends itself more to my positive song writing style.
   My songwriting philosophy dates back to my days in Boy Scouts where we were to leave a campsite better than we found it. I want
to leave the spirit of anyone who hears one of my songs in a better place than when the song started. Whether it speaks eternal truths or
just puts a smile on their face.
  I have some decent demos, some not so good ones, Some songs that are pretty much polished and finished and some songs that only
have one line.. Always willing to put in my 2 cents as well.

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