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My name is Jared, and to get right to it, I'm an aspiring musician trying hard to learn all that I can. It's been difficult for me to find others to gather with regarding my interests in music, and even harder to find the right help. Of course, that's where forums come in!

Currently, I'm at an average playing level in guitar, bass, and drums, and I'm trying to become better at piano and ocarina (peculiar choice, I know) and I also like songwriting and working with Reaper, my primary DAW. I have a vast array of virtual instruments and I really enjoy "puzzle piece-ing" things together with different ensembles. I wouldn't call myself very good at anything in particular, but I really enjoy playing and writing music, regardless of quality. I've been practicing mixing as well, so I have a lot going on all at once. I know the jack of all trades adage, but I'm hoping to get pretty good at everything I can. Hope to chat with some of you really soon!
Now I have to know what ocarina is! ☺Give me just a minute to go look that up.
Ok, done! The closest things I have are two recorders, a penny whistle, & a small Indian Flute. And no, I barely have any time for them because you can't play & sing at the same time. I finally gave my guitar away because no one could play it.
Welcome, and Don't fear the Reaper! (sorry) I am a fan/user of it too, so that's not a jab. Though I spend a lot more time with (cough cough) Avid products these days.
(03-09-2017, 10:47 AM)gdball Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome, and Don't fear the Reaper! (sorry)  I am a fan/user of it too, so that's not a jab.  Though I spend a lot more time with (cough cough) Avid products these days.

Haha, nice reference~ I've been using Reaper since day 1, and I haven't tried others simply because I'm so used to the interface that I can work efficiently in it. If Native Instruments had a DAW, I might use that though. I have Komplete 10 and I've fallen in love with their products.
Welcome Jared! all levels of experience and expertise are welcome here! we turn no one away and everyone's admission charge is the same!!! (free! Big Grin )

please join in discussions in the forums and build relationships with others and feel at home! our song and lyric critique sections are the most active and you'll find very helpful people there!

welcome again!