Full Version: Record Your Song!
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Hey All,

I'm up here in East Coast Canada and we just got blasted with a huge storm...I'm stuck in the house with plenty of time to catch up on forums etc!

I just wanted to show you guys an example of some of the work that I have completed lately so that you can get an idea of what I could do with your songs if you wanted.
Just to give you some background info - I've been involved with worship music for the past 15 years now. I was the bass player in a band called Bluetree - we wrote the song "God of this City" which became a hit for Chris Tomlin and the Passion movement etc. I left Bluetree and then played bass and electric guitar for a guy called Robin Mark - he wrote the song Days of Elijah which you may know. I have co-written a few songs with Robin as well and he has placed them on several of his albums. I am now in the process of recording my first EP which should be ready in a few months which is exicitng. Anyway, one of my passions is producing worship music - taking peoples songs and helping them structure it in the right way, sorting out the chords, coming up with hooks etc. I started a small online business a few years ago to do this and have access to a wider reach of songwriters.
Here is an example of something that I completed for someone a few months ago:

Anyway, if any of you guys want to get in touch and have me produce some of your songs then get in touch! I do this as paid work but I always give discounts to people involved in worship.
Get in touch if your interested!