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Welcome to the CSN Songwriting Challenge Sub Forum!
I have encountered on CSN various philosophies when it comes to how to improve your songwriting skills, and how to best use the forum.  
One is to write, receive feedback, and with the information gathered, hone each song until it is polished.  
Another is to write, write, write... lots of songs, receive feedback, and learn from that feedback for future writing, but not get bogged down in any song.  Just keep writing and growing.  

There are benefits for both and a little of each goes a long way toward developing skill.  

A weekly or even monthly challenge leans toward the write, write, write! Philosophy.   Then, if you happen to generate a song that piques interest, inspires a rewrite and feels worthy of honing, great!

If you would like to join the CSN Songwriting Challenge as a regular participant, sign in in response to this Thread.
If you just want to participate in an interesting prompt as it arise then reply to the thread of that particular challenge.

Instructions will be provided with each challenge.

If you have ideas for challenges/ prompts please deposit them in the CSN Songwriting Challenge Prompt Bank.
I'll try it. Thanks for keeping it active.
I would like to participate in weekly challenges.  I may not be able to do it every week, but will try.
Great!  Welcome Lolly and Tony!
Would you first be willing to post a couple ideas for challenges in the idea bank of this subgroup.  I will post some examples. I would like for all the ideas not to come from me only.  Having an idea bank to draw from will make it more fun for everyone. I would like to have that in place before we get up and running again.
Ok, so I'm not really ready to jump back into this because I still have to recreate a general songwriting tutorial.  But this week's challenge spontaneously erupted so I decided to go with it. So, Y1W1 is up.  And the inspiration for it lies in a few critiques I offered today on some already intreguing lyrics that I just thought might soar to another level from a different perspective.  
 So maybe take a peek at those thoughts too.
(01-15-2016, 08:58 PM)Hi there, Wrote: [ -> ]Great concept! I would love to join in on your weekly challenge. (Or however often you're able to do it) Can't promise I'll actually be able to get to it each time, but if you're still doing it, it would certainly be good inspiration and accountability for me to write hehe. Count me in if that's ok. Cheers. Gutjan Smile
I'd be interested in participating in the song challenge!!