Full Version: Hi, I'm Kenny
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Hello, all!

My name is Kenny, and I write and record Christian, Christmas, and children's music. It's great to see that there's a forum like this available to Christian songwriters.

I jumped the gun a bit and posted in the "Song Critiques " forum; only after that did I realize that I really should have introduced myself first! Anyway, here I am. I'm glad to be a member of CSN, and I hope I can make some worthwhile contributions to this community.
Hi Kenny! don't worry, the fines for posting a song in critiques before introducing yourself are very reasonable! payment plans are accepted as well! Big Grin

glad to have you here and glad you've already started making yourself at home! I hope you come back often!
Hi Kenny, welcome to CSN. Actually, the fine should be paid to a certain moist rodent in the form of chocolate - heehee!
Thanks for not banishing me to the CSN doghouse!
(09-14-2017, 01:35 PM)PraisingHim Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for not banishing me to the CSN doghouse!

but the DOGHOUSE is the best place!!!!  Big Grin